Monday, July 20, 2009

Living in abundance

The same Kimberlee who generously drove me into Missoula for the Clark Fork River market, not only dances but is also an amazing gardener and cook.

She takes a pile of vegetables (often from her garden), maybe some rice, maybe some beans, perhaps a nice piece of salmon, almost anything edible, and turns them all into a one-of-a-kind dish that is a delight to eat and lives happily in your memory.

I spent the weekend with her and Darl in their warm home on the Bitterroot River. Now in fact it was cool inside because Darl has a clever way with air conditioners, but the house is situated in a greenhouse, so its stays especially warm in winter. But of course I meant "warm" in the sense of "hospitable." Both Kimberlee and Darl are generous in so many ways.

Darl's dad built the house and surrounding greenhouse, and there is lots to enjoy. The following is a brief pictorial tour of inside and outside this unique structure.

The front entrance; up the steps to the right and into the house.

Grapes are everywhere.

Tomatoes are getting ripe inside.

The eating area is outside, yet inside.

Outside the greenhouse, raspberries ripen.

Kimberlee's abundant garden grows right by the river.

You can see the indoor garden pressing against
the windows that overlook the riverside garden.

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