Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whitefish market - and a few dinosaurs

Everybody loves a farmers market! The Whitefish market is especially full of "something for everyone."

I found a lot of cold refreshing beverages. I drank a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade, then tried another with huckleberry puree in it. Oh, yum! By the time I found pineapple slices floating in limeade, I had too much liquid in me, but that drink looked good, too.

Kalispell is in huckleberry country so naturally there were plenty of signs of them. Literally.

The market is in a lovely park, with live music playing. (Bagpipes opened today's market, although I didn't arrive in time to hear them myself.) It has the feel of a street party. Only you can buy lots of baked goods and Dixon melons! Melons grown in nearby Dixon are justly famous for their flavor. One of the growers told me last year that the Dixon melon farmers pay attention to customer feedback and are continually improving their crops.

Even the fire department participated, with an activity every kid could enjoy.

I saw a TV camera and went to ask what was being filmed. A crew from a Los Angeles PBS station is creating a documentary called "Endless Feast" about sustainable food practices. It should air sometime next year.

I was too exhausted from my 8-hour drive to think clearly, but if I see them again I will suggest they visit Eastern Montana. It is fairly simple to create sustainable food systems where food is easy to grow. The challenge is growing enough local food in a harsh climate. The Farm-to-Table Co-op in Glendive is doing an excellent job working toward this goal, and they should get some credit for it.

Yes, it was an 8-hour drive. At least. I drove along Highway 287, which is amazingly beautiful with its glimpses of the Rocky Mountains. There are 2 stops on the dinosaur trail along the way. In Choteau (SHO-toe) dinosaurs are placed among Old West buildings as part of the Old Trail Museum. In Bynum, a lifesize skeleton oversees you as you read about items found on nearby Egg Mountain (where Maisaura nests have been found). The Bynum folks have a nice sense of humor, as seen in the "do not touch" signs.

Whitefish Farmers Market
North end of Central Avenue
May 26 - September 30
Tuesday, 5 pm - 7:30 pm

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