Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hysham market

New in 2010, the Hysham market is a family affair, with children running everywhere and lots of cookies and cupcakes and bite-size tomatoes and other treats just right for eating out of hand. With only a weekly average of 4 vendors, there's still lots to look at.

Some markets may close when the weather gets rough, but this market goes inside or out. Today, as rain pelted down, vendors took refuge in the firehouse. There was plenty of room for both emergency vehicles and a small farmers market.

You'll have to excuse today's photos. I'm not used to taking them indoors, and so they seem to go between being blurry and over- or under-exposed. But take delight in what I saw.

Bright candles and beautiful etchings . . .

Delicious baked goods . . .

Lots of mouthwatering produce and jellies and syrups and relish . . .

Take time to visit this special little market.

And if you're wondering what there is to do in tiny Hysham, you can visit a museum or eat at the cafe or bar, or fish or take a walk at Hawreys Island just west of town. Or stroll around looking at statues made by a local artisan. There are a lot of statues! How many can you count?

Hysham Farmers Market
300 block of Elliott Avenue
May 22 - September 25
2nd & 4th Saturday, 9 am - 1 pm

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