Monday, June 13, 2011

Gene Barbieri, RIP

Today was the funeral for a well-respected and well-liked resident of Big Timber.

Gene Barbieri (1948 - 2011) was quite active in the Big Timber Saturday farmers market. In the photo above he is standing at the table of The Berry Bandit (delicious peach and chokecherry jams and syrups) at the 2009 market.

In previous years, Gene sold flavored vinegars and an assortment of homegrown vegetables. His carrots were sweet and fresh, and Big Timber residents could often buy his cherry tomatoes (sweet as gumdrops) and small, flavorful peppers at the IGA.

Gene will be missed in Big Timber, and especially at the farmers market. But no doubt he is already busy growing something in his little plot in heaven.