Saturday, June 20, 2009

Clyde Park market

organic farm produce

With a population of about 300, you might not think Clyde Park would have much of a farmers market. But they do pretty well.

You don't expect to find much produce at any farmers market in June in the eastern part of the state, but I found lettuce, spinach, radishes, herbs, and even handpicked pecans. OK, so the pecans were from Arizona, but the young gal selling them had picked them herself and brought them north to sell while she visits her grandmother for the summer.

One of the cool things about small towns is how informal everyone is. One vendor ran out of cilantro and told a customer who asked for it, "My house is just across from the park. If you can wait a minute, I'll run home and cut some for you. How much do you need?"

toy horses and cows

Another item for sale were these stick horses and cows. Ten dollars each, folks! A bargain!! The elderly woman who makes them told me this would probably be her last year at the market because her eyesight is failing for sewing. It's a shame because these animals are delightful; each one has a charming name -- and they are sturdy. Any imaginative child would love to ride one.

Clyde Park is located in the lush Shields Valley. (I'm told Brooke Shields owns a ranch in the area; did the name speak to her, I wonder?) It's a lovely drive any time of year.

Shields Valley Farmers Market
Clyde Park
City park, 1 block east of Highway 89
June 6 - August 29
Saturday, 9 am - noon

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