Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stepping into Eastern Washington


I just returned from an exciting weekend with four women friends.

a typical breakfast item -- photo by Kate

We stayed at the Parsonage Bed and Breakfast near Dusty, Wash. The meals were superb -- breakfast by hostess Vicki, and lunch and dinner by potluck. While all our days were filled with laughter and joy, I think the most memorable shared moment came on Sunday morning as we were beginning breakfast and Vicki suggested we all yodel. I wish I had thought to take a photo, but I was too busy harmonizing -- or at least I thought I was harmonizing. Whatever it really sounded like, it was fun.

plant starts at Moscow farmers market

We visited the Moscow, Idaho, farmers market, which is truly a family-friendly place. Children were everywhere and the sound of music filled the air.

Cowgirl Chocolates

While in Moscow, we also visited family-owned Cowgirl Chocolates. Many of their truffles are hot chocolate, flavored with mouth-searing spices, but I found a white chocolate flavored with lemonade that was nice -- and mild. They make and package their chocolates in the store, which has an eclectic collection of items. If you stop by to say hello, they will give you a sample chocolate, so you can't lose.

Green Frog Cafe, Palouse, Wash.

We ate a bowl of soup in the small town of Palouse at the funky Green Frog Cafe. Delicious homemade food!

It was sad parting with my friends, but it was wonderful to spend time with them.

riverside garden in Stevensville, Mont.

On the way home, I stopped to visit friends in Stevensville, Mont. They live right on the river, and their garden is filled with produce that keeps them fed throughout the summer.

After all this, it was good to get home again!

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  1. Too funny -- my mom lived in Great Falls and we all lived 30 minutes from Moscow, so reading your blog is enjoyable, mouth-watering, AND memory-filled. :)