Thursday, August 26, 2010

Belgrade: beautiful vegetables

It was nice to spend a warm afternoon wandering through a small market that has lots of vegetables.

The Belgrade farmers market began only a few weeks ago and averages 10 to 12 vendors (there were 11 today), but there is a nice selection of things to buy.

Nonedibles included soap that filled the air with fragrance, hand sewn and crocheted items, and jewelry.

Amaltheia Organic Dairy offered samples of their fabulous goat cheeses.

Freshly grilled steak sandwiches were available, at just the right moment for hungry customers not quite ready to head home.

And, best of all, a beautiful assortment of vegetables. Two farms brought table-loads of produce, but you could also find a few lovely greens lying near cookies and brightening the goat cheese display.

Belgrade Farmers Market
Clarkin Park, front of Lee & Dad’s IGA,
at Jackrabbit Lane and Madison Avenue
August 12 - October 7
Thursday, 4 pm - 7 pm

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  1. Just look at the beautiful bounty of good eating. Imagine how yummy the dinner table will be with just some of these veggies.