Thursday, September 3, 2009

Libby market

I've been telling you all along: you meet the most interesting people at farmers markets. Here is Bitsy at the Libby market with her glorious white hair highlighted with pink in front. She is quite proud of being a bright focal point.

Bitsy laughs as she recalls meeting a tough-looking man on her travels, who came up to her with a friendly grin and said: "I like your hair! It's all business in the back and a party in the front!"

Oh, and by the way, Bitsy makes really tasty chocolate cookies studded lavishly with peanutbutter morsels.

Next to her was Helen, who was selling a variety of cute aprons. Making these particularly worthy of mention is the sugar cookie recipe that is tucked into each apron pocket. "Every apron needs a cookie recipe," Helen explained to me, and that philosophy, in my opinion, will carry you a long way!

Other food-related items were some handmade pie birds. These charming creatures go on top of the bottom crust -- pour the filling in -- and the head then sticks out of the top crust. This helps keep the filling from overflowing.

There were plenty of jams and jellies, among them Freddie's prize-winners, including -- are you a coffee addict? -- coffee jelly! If you want to try some, come to Libby.

The "best ever" jalapeno jelly was also for sale at another table. This was truly beautiful to look at and no doubt just as delicious.

I expected to see vegetables here in the northwest corner of Montana, of course.

But didn't expect to see dahlias. These beauties would be show-stoppers anywhere.

The market takes place behind the visitor center, in a shaded parking area. Libby is known as the City of Eagles, and you'll see a huge metal eagle sculpture flying over the center and hence the market. As you drive into the city center, you'll pass under another eagle. In fact, you'll see eagle sculptures and paintings everywhere. One of the vendors said her visiting grandchildren counted 14, but I suspect there are more than that.

over the visitor center

entrance to downtown Libby

As I drove out of town, I saw an intriguing street sign. This road seemed to lead up into the hills, and I have no idea how it got its name. But wouldn't it be nice to have this as your address?

Libby Farmers Market
Highway 2 at Mahoney Road, behind the visitor center
May 7 - October 1
Thursday, 1 pm - 6 pm

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