Monday, September 7, 2009

Keeping looking up . . . in Kalispell

I'm taking a little rest from my farmers market travels and thought I'd share some photos I took in Kalispell.

Kalispell is not my favorite place (the traffic is awful), but it has a charming tree-lined residential area and, as you will see here, plenty of interesting things way up high.

Just walking along the main street, I saw the following. This first photo is what I saw when I looked up while I was walking under a store awning. Isn't it pretty what you can do with tin?

So now you see why I complain about the traffic. If people drove more slowly, you could see more of these fun works of art from your car.

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  1. I was in Kalispell (and Whitefish, and Bigfork, and Coumbia Falls) for a whirlwind 36 hours, and LOVE IT. I understand 100% why your heart belongs to Montana, Ms. Mary!