Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blue skies in Big Sky

It was a beautiful sunny day for the afternoon farmers market in Big Sky. During winter, this resort area is swarming with energetic skiiers and snowboarders, but in summer, a lazy kind of insouciance predominates. There are plenty of energetic hikers enjoying numerous trails, but by the time they reach the market, they slow down.

It's time to enjoy looking at art, sip freshly squeezed lemonade or cold beer, and choose something to make for dinner (beef, lamb, vegetables, homebaked bread), put on the table (bouquets of sweet peas or sunflowers), or wear to a fancy restaurant (alpaca sweaters or tops).

Only a quarter of the vendors sell edible products. But you'll find plenty to eat, including cinnamon rolls, gluten-free baked goods, iced sugar cookies, Red Hen Preserves, meats, produce like beans, peas, and zucchini, and hot prepared dishes.

Boy (helping his mom buy beef and pointing to photo of cow grazing on ranchland): I want that one.
Rancher: I'm sorry, we've already eaten that one.

If you like art, you'll see some of the finest in the area. I enjoyed learning about the flattened bottles that were displayed as cheese boards. Courtney calls her business Fresh Squeezed ("Turning lemons into lemonade") and is on a quest to find as many uses as she creatively can for recycled materials. Along with reforming bottles, she has made attractive glass bracelets and glass tablecloth weights.

The llamas from Manhattan are fun to pet, and they also supplied the wool for handspun yarn and soft, warm, non-itchy clothing.

Other fun, practical items for sale included these darling tote bags made by a proud and happy vendor who calls her business "I Kissed a Toad."

Unlike a store, no two markets will offer the same merchandise, so do visit to see what's available next time.

Fire Pit Park, Big Sky Town Center
July 7 - September 1
Wednesday, 5 pm - 8 pm

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  1. This market has a lot more produce, it looks like, than the Ilwaco market. But both share one item: the flat glass bottles!