Saturday, July 10, 2010

Red Lodge market

If you take Highway 78 through Absarokee, you drive through a little bit of heaven to get to Red Lodge. A moment of this is captured in the photo above.

If they're fixing roads, like today, you might also drive over gravel and spend as long as half an hour waiting for your turn to pass heavy construction.

But it is so worth it to get to the Red Lodge farmers market.

Although rain fell and wind burst through in a breathtaking gulp today, good humor prevailed. Everyone just grabbed tent posts and held tightly to their dollar bills and produce and waited for the storm to pass. One vendor told me that this is a "warm" market, and I have to agree. People were very nice.

Several children showed off clever items they had made. From tiny dolls to handmade coloring books to dog biscuits to cards made from pressed wild flowers, youthful entrepreneurship was at its best.

Of course adults had plenty of things to offer, too: plants, purses, wooden cutting boards, vegetables, baked goods, and meats. This market is an excellent place to buy organic and naturally raised beef and pork.

If you're on your way to travel the Beartooth Highway (highly recommended; although it was closed due to snow a few days ago, so be warned), try to time your trip so you can pick up some granola and energy bars made by Jessica. She also sews lovely tote bags in case you forget your picnic basket.

On the way home I decided to avoid the road construction and go along Highway 212. I was tempted to take some side roads, but I'll save those adventures for another road trip.

Red Lodge Farmers Market
12th Street at Broadway
July 10 - October 2
Saturday, 8 am - noon


  1. You are giving me some refreshing ideas re some new ways to photograph the Ilwaco Saturday Market (ie your close up of colourful veg).

  2. I just wanted to let you know I love your blog. It brings back memories of being young and "hitting" the local fruit stands as my mom called them in CA. Your e-book is a gem. Just got mine and it's loaded with lots of good information. Even if one can't visit Montana right away it's an interesting read.

  3. Mmm ... are those cupcakes I see?

  4. Well, thanks for all the compliments! I am slowly learning the best angles to capture certain things at the markets. One tip I am working at is to "go low" -- get eye-level with those veggies.

    The book was tons of fun to write, and I am looking forward to the 2011 edition, with more markets!

    Mmm, yes, cupcakes. The best markets have cupcakes!