Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So much more at the Livingston market

The Livingston farmers market opened today, and I am trying to think how to describe it. You can look at the photos I took, and I can tell you I walked through a light rain to look at spring vegetables, jewelry, pottery, heirloom plant starts, breads, and cookies.

But you won't be able to share the friendly handshake Lyle gave me before he described the farmers market special of naturally raised pork products offered by Miller Farm, where he is a ranch hand.

You won't catch the proud look of Leah as she describes the gourmet crackers she wrapped with pretty bows for her very first market. She used to be a chef she tells me, but . . . and her glance at the sweet-faced baby in her arms explains how some things are more important than a mere job.

There's a whole story behind the Dancing Kettle Korn sign that I could sum up in a few words to fit onto this blog, but those words could not capture the proud spirit of the couple who run their own business that gives them an income and freedom to travel and the joy of feeding others something truly sweet.

You just have to get out and visit your own area farmers markets -- to discover for yourself who those people are who grow and produce and create the food that nourishes you.

Sacajawea Park bandshell
June 2 - September 29
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  1. Say hi to beautiful Livingston for me.
    I think those are the kettle korn folks I met at the Bozeman Farmer's Market when I came to visit.

  2. We appreciate good farmers and good dentists!