Friday, June 11, 2010

Spring bouquet

My friend Jackie phoned this morning to say she was dropping off a spring bouquet on her way to town.

I envisioned tulips and iris and maybe lilacs. Instead, I got asparagus! The first wild asparagus of the season.

Yes, it comes late in south-central Montana but is all the more welcome because of that.

Jackie introduced me to hunting for wild asparagus, although for my first hunt last year, she passed me on to her friend. (See my blog entry on wild asparagus for that story.) She said she didn't want to give away any of her spots.

No matter how close you are to anyone here in Montana, you know better than to ask where they pick huckleberries or find asparagus. They'd rather tell you how much money they make, how they spent Friday night, or how much they weigh.

But I love Jackie. She shares.


  1. This is just to cool. Veggies as bouquets how special. Imagine a vase of celery, carrots or a bowl full of lemons or limes. Love it!

    Mary, do let us know how long they last. Flowers tend to die so soon.

  2. Haha! Maybe someone should open a business that arranges vegetables and fruits instead of flowers.

    The asparagus bouquet lasted two days, but then I pulled it apart to roast some and make soup out of the rest. Eating the bouquet definitely tends to shorten its life span.