Saturday, June 19, 2010

Clyde Park market

In case you are wondering, I don't visit farmers markets and write about them because it seems like the right thing to do. I just plain love farmers markets.

I love the people, I love the creative things they make. And I love the food, although in Montana we're pretty much confined to baked goods and salad greens until June (western part of state) or July (eastern part of state).

The Clyde Park farmers market may be small (about 10 vendors), but it is a fun place to visit, and I hope you'll make an effort to see for yourself this summer.

I thought the story of how the market began is interesting. Market manager Joanie Miller ("the brains and energy of the outfit," according to one vendor) told me that the town was dividing into factions and that just didn't seem right to her. She got together a group of people who were also concerned about the situation, and they prayed and felt led to start the market.

Which goes to show prayer works, because two years later the market is now a thriving center for social interaction. I felt that even before I heard Joanie's story.

I won't say more, but I do encourage you to visit, talk to the vendors, and become part of the community for an hour or so.

These beautifully framed puzzle pictures bring a family together. The kids and grandkids love piecing them; grandpa makes the frames.

Ninety-year-old Frances Ross makes the most marvelous stick horses, each with a quaint name and guaranteed not to fall apart easily.

Look around to see the beauty, natural and handmade.

You'll find lots of bargains.

The produce and cake shown in the photos below are both fresh in their own way. The baked goods are made from freshly ground flour and baked on Friday night or Saturday morning.

Clyde Park Farmers Market
City Park, 1 block east of Highway 89
June 12 - August 28 (no market July 3)
Saturday, 9 am - noon

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