Friday, August 21, 2009

Sidney market

Folks get up early in Sidney (population 5,000) to get to the farmers market on Friday morning.

About 15 vendors crowded into a small parking space to bring customers plenty of produce (things like beets, corn, and ripe tomatoes) and lots of beautiful canned goods.

People pull up in their trucks or put up tables, and set out their goods. It's informal, starting whenever a vendor is ready to sell, and ending when things are gone.

This market was unusual in that everything was from the garden. About half the vendors had fresh vegetables and berries, and the other half were selling home-canned produce. One pie-maker made an appearance -- and I can say her wares looked delicious! -- and a couple of people had fresh flowers.

Every market -- in fact, I'd say every vendor -- has a story. The most touching one I heard this morning was from the man who was selling salsa. There were a few jars in boxes set on the back of his truck. It was the last of what his wife had made for selling at the market before she died two months ago.

When you visit a farmers market, be sure to linger and talk to the farmers and producers. Some might be willing to share a recipe or gardening advice, but you'll also learn a whole lot more about life in general.

Sidney Farmers Market
124 N. Central
August 14 - September 25 (or until first hard freeze)
Friday, 7:45 am - noon (or until sold out)

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  1. Great pics of some luscious-looking food. Sounds like you're also meeting some interesting people on your travels.