Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ennis market

Ennis sits in the beautiful Madison Valley. With a population of about 24,000, it's nearly 14 times the size of where I live but with much the same atmosphere of rural tranquility surrounded by breathtaking mountainous beauty.

The townsfolk are really excited about their new farmers market, located outside on Main Street at the Lone Elk Mall. My friend, Alice, and I had barely gotten out of the car to walk across the street to the market when another woman, who was just climbing into her car, burst out happily to us: "I'm so glad there is a farmers market here!"

On its very first day it was a small market today, but several local food producers were doing a brisk business. Naturally, I zeroed in on the cupcakes. There were chocolate ones, but the carrot cakes were real cuties -- and delicious with their cream cheese frosting and saucy polka dots. Another vendor was selling some truly spectacular all-organic granola, with just the right amount of crunch. Sabo Ranch showed off their rainbow-colored eggs and well-seasoned sausages, courtesy of naturally raised chickens and hogs.

Other vendors sold homemade soap, jellies and jam, cards, and plants. A young, talented violinist provided background music. Everyone was smiling and/or laughing.

There were no vegetables today, but they will no doubt appear later as local farmers begin harvesting.

Apart from the farmers market, the main part of Ennis has several restaurants, antique shops, a quilting store, and of course the ubiquitous souvenirs and fishing and hunting supplies. The area is well-known for its camping and fishing opportunities.

Madison Farm to Fork Farmers Market
Lone Elk Mall, Main Street
May 23 - September 26
Saturday, 9 am - noon

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