Saturday, August 1, 2015

People at Gallatin Valley Farmers Market

There are so many wonderful things about a farmers market. But when you think about it, isn't it the people who really make the market special?

At today's Gallatin Valley market in Bozeman, there was quite a selection of interesting vendors.

Pictured above are the Three Little Sparrows who make delectable items, such as tasty lip balm and sweet sugar scrub, that make you look and feel more beautiful. Actually, that's mama with her two oldest children, with the youngest shyly hidden behind. Selling at the market this year is an educational experience for the kids, who decide what to make, then make it and learn how to sell it. Figuring out change, as shown below, is an important part of the process.

Around the corner was a gal who just loves tutus. She normally has a doll to show off her creations, but today she forgot to bring it. Being flexible, she decided modelling was just as fun as selling.

And nearby were the ever-popular cookies by the Cookie Boys. Their offerings have expanded considerably, all as tasty as the original peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies that were their first product. These originals are still available for purists.

Outside in the sunshine were two enthusiastic sisters selling cheesecake under the name of Dia Desserts. Need I say more? Right now they have a heavenly dip and also bites of cheesecake in portable jars. All kinds of flavors like lemon-lavender, strawberry, and the Tipsy Cow (with merlot). This might be the perfect time to expand your picnic fare. Or sneak bites at the traffic lights on your way home. I'm not admitting anything, it's just an idea I had.

There was some lovely music wafting through the air, played by a young student who also takes ballet. She and her brother are raising money for their fine arts education.

You'll also find all the usual -- and unusual -- things at this market, like greens, succulent Dixon melons (be prepared to stand in a very long line for this popular item!), breads and pies, etc. etc. Come meet everyone!

Gallatin Valley Farmers Market
Gallatin County Fairgrounds, Haynes Pavilion, at Tamarack and Black
June 20 - September 12
Saturday, 9 am - noon