Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Signs of the Livingston market

One of the fun things of visiting a farmers market is looking at the signs. Here are a few I saw today at the Livingston farmers market.

As you can see from the last two signs, this market encourages children to participate, which adds to the variety. Trust me, the Geography Quiz is not easy.

Livingston Farmers Market
Sacajawea Park bandshell
June 3 - September 23
Wednesday, 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Virginia City farmers market

Most folks visit Virginia City to ride the stagecoach, explore Boot Hill, and stroll down a street that was once crowded with gold miners in and out of luck.

But I recommend that you plan to be there on the second or fourth Saturday of the month so you can enjoy the tiny but vibrant farmers market.

Even this early in June you'll find bursting bags of salad greens, kale, spinach, and herbs, and, if you're lucky, a large bouquet of rhubarb fresh from the garden.

There are scones and cookies, perhaps a pie, along with handmade jams like the intriguing and tasty garlic and onion.

But best of all are the round loaves of crusty bread baked in a brick oven: a plain boule, a sweet variety, and an amazing herb loaf.

Don't miss this cornucopia of delights. I'm betting the ghosts of the town wish they could still enjoy these earthly pleasures.

Virginia City Artisans and Growers Guild Farmers Market
Log Schoolhouse at end of town, across from Opera House
May 23 - September 5
2nd & 4th Saturday, 11 am - 5 pm

Twin Bridges farmers market

Vegetables will be arriving soon at the Twin Bridges farmers market, but meanwhile enjoy handspun alpaca yarn (shown above) and lovely handmade soap.

Soapmaker Jen assured me her soaps are good for the skin, softening as they clean, and infused with good things. She picks her own huckleberries, for example, then adds the puree to the soap base. The rose soap contains bits of wild rosehips Jen gathers and is decorated with a dusting of crushed rosehips and petals, giving it an old-fashioned flair.

Twin Bridges is a center for fishing in the Jefferson Valley, and those on their way to the river would be well advised to grab a few snacks. Perhaps a delicious sweet loaf (choose from rhubarb, strawberry-banana, apricot-orange) in miniature or full loaves.

Or how about a hearty bagel. I bought only one garlic-and-onion bagel to enjoy on the road. I should have gotten the baker's dozen, which might have included cinnamon-raisin or the aptly named "zinger" (jalapeƱo). Or maybe not. I bet they are habit-forming.

Twin Bridges Farmers Market
Main St. Park
May 2 - September 26
Saturday, 9 am - noon