Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Montana farmers market guide now available!

Just a little plug for my new book, Montana Farmers Markets 2010 Guide.

I have visited nearly every farmers market in Montana and continue to keep in touch with market managers so I can update my market list on

It's a passion. Who else would drive over 8,000 miles out of sheer curiosity to see what all the Montana farmers markets look like??

Along with a photo and description of each market, the book also has recipes from market vendors -- they are very delicious recipes! -- and stories about vendors, as well as descriptions of foods you'll find, such as Dixon melons and Flathead cherries.

Included are a list of food festivals and some tourism resources. For added interest, a few pages cover interesting (to me at least) area highlights like dinosaur museums and the Reed Point annual running of the sheep.

If you don't plan to go shopping soon, this is a fun book to read -- or so people have told me!

I'm planning a "real" and expanded edition of this book for the 2011 market season, a small book you can put in your glove compartment to use on the road. But I hope you'll enjoy the 2010 edition in the meantime.

View sample pages and consider buying a tote bag, too, at:

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  1. It's a wonderful book. Full of charm, humor, beautiful pictures, and, of course, great information (and recipes). The guide offers a window into the bounty of Montana.