Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tizer Gardens tea

Near Jefferson City -- about 20 miles south of Helena -- is an unusual botanical garden. Located in a mountainous area surrounded by evergreens, Tizer Botanic Gardens offers a series of events throughout the summer. I attended a High Tea (in fact, an Afternoon Tea) with a friend and her children.

Like all great teas, this one consisted of three courses of bite-sized tidbits that didn't look like they'd make an adequate meal but were in fact quite filling.

Savory sandwiches

Tasty scones with mouthwatering lemon curd

The dessert plate

While we ate, harp music filled the air.

Everyone was dressed up, including one lovely woman who decorated her own hat. She was celebrating an important birthday: hers.

Before tea was poured, Belva, one of the owners of the garden and our hostess, gave us a tour. With 28 places to explore, there is a corner of the garden for everyone. I couldn't take photos of everything, so you'll have to visit to see for yourself. Picnics are welcome.

Prickly Pear Creek

Vegetable patch with scarecrow

A corner of the herb garden

On Tonka Bridge

A place to rest


  1. Gorgeous, and those sandwiches look delectable.
    Love the Tonka bridge. I once planted up a truck like that, but I am so stealing the bridge idea.

  2. The Tonka bridge is a lovely wooden bridge with a series of planted Tonka trucks placed across it. I wish I'd gotten a photo of the whole thing. I love Tonka trucks -- I used to steal them away from my brother when he was playing with other toys.