Thursday, July 30, 2009

County fair

County fairs throughout Montana highlight the best of what the area has to offer and showcase what lies nearest the hearts of those who live there.

Today I visited our county fair. Naturally, I found the food section first, where entries took up a long table and included canned plums and peaches, applesauce, apricot jam, banana bread, cookies, and 5 plates of chocolate-covered Rice Krispie treats. The treats were made by the elderly folks in long-term care at the county hospital and looked delicious. On Friday night, they and all other entries throughout the fair will be auctioned off to the public. I suspect the Rice Krispie treats will go quickly. Although I must say the lemon/raspberry cake was the most beautiful entry.

When I examined the garden produce (see top photo above), I realized I could have entered my 10-inch, 2-pound zucchini -- and won! Compared to a dime, that baby is huge! Next year . . .

Other fair entries included chickens (below you see "Soots" and her very noisy chicks), large animals, quilts, furniture by high school woodworking students, and informative displays by 4-H kids. Did you know bandages and piano keys can contain sheep byproducts?

I will close with this first-place winner by a young artist. My photo does not show the glitter, but this portrait is still something to be proud of.

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