Friday, February 26, 2010

Niterider Chili

You might be getting tired of reading about chili, but I'm not getting tired of eating it. Glendive-based Western Trails does such a good job with their mixes that I love eating those wonderful foods and then talking about them.

One thing that really appeals to me is that each label has a story on it. It's a fun read, and you get a good feel for Old West Montana. Click on the photo above for a bigger image that should be more readable.

This chili, unlike the baked beans I made in December, is hot. As I added the included spices to the beans, I noticed dozens of chili seeds. Oh, yeah, they do their job all right! If you're sensitive, you might like to take a few minutes to pick them out before throwing them in the pot. I'm going to do that next time!

The package includes beans, of course, and the spices. Along with water, I added a can of tomato paste and some sauteed onions, which made a thick, satisfying chili.

To minimize gassiness, the package directions say: "Wash beans, boil for 5 minutes in 4 cups water, cover and set aside for at least an hour. Drain beans and add fresh water and spices. Cook slowly until tender." (I cooked them for about an hour.) This could be applied to any bean dish.

I am a sucker for pretty beans. This mix uses Montana-grown pinto and great northern beans. I leave you with a photo of them as they prepared for their pre-chili bath.

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