Saturday, December 5, 2009

Baked beans

(click to enlarge)

There's something very warming about baked beans on a snowy day.

Today I cooked up products from Western Trails (see my blog entry about my factory visit, too), made and grown in Montana. Aren't the beans (above) lovely? Can you pick out the adzuki, black, great northern, navy, pink, and pinto beans?

Rustler BBQ Bean Sauce and Buckaroo BBQ Bean Mix

Moz admires the beautiful layering of beans

These products are tasty and easy to use. Also, they keep a long time in the cupboard, and all you need to do is add water. This is important for long Montana winters, where you might not go to the store -- or at least feel like you don't want to go to the store -- for weeks at a time. If the power goes out, simmer them on the wood stove.


  1. Mary, It has only reached 11 degrees over yonder in Hamilton, MT today. Your pot of bean soup looks darn tasty to me right now.

    Is Moz the cat perhaps short for, or a nickname for Mozart? Smart cat staying close to the soupy beans.

    Stay warm, inside and keep cookin'

  2. That really is a tasty bowl of beans! And I can testify that it does help keep you warm, especially while you are holding the bowl in cold hands.

    Moz is a nickname of Morrissey, formerly of The Smiths, who has been described as a bit vain. When I got my kitten home and watched him run immediately to the mirror, prancing in front of it and looking at himself, I thought Moz would be the perfect name for him.

    Stay warm in the west!

  3. It's been cold in Seattle (20's), but nothing like the forecast you included above. I hope you're finding ways to keep warm. A nice warm bowl of beans sounds great right about now.