Monday, December 21, 2009

Thanking the mailman

Do you take your mail carrier for granted? I sure don't. So this year I delivered a little treat to him.

A gal in town makes delightful packages filled with small candies, like M&Ms or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. (She also makes her own amazing chocolate-covered toffee and puts pieces in much bigger packages, but that's for another blog entry.) When I saw them, I realized what a perfect gift they are for a mailman.

Last year I had wanted to give my mail carrier something, but just couldn't think what. I thought he might like something warm, but the logistics of putting a steaming mug of hot chocolate in the mailbox seemed insurmountable. How to keep it from freezing before he arrived, or what if he scalded himself opening the box?

He delivers mail for 3 hours on a 60-mile rural route. Apart from regular mail delivery, he can deliver stamps or take packages that need postage. Or he'll call before he begins his route to ask if I want an oversized package delivered to the house or will pick it up myself in town.

And he does this in all weather, 6 days a week. Without his faithful service, I wouldn't have any Christmas presents!

I can't thank my mail carrier enough.

Here is a closer look at the packaging; sweet, eh?

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