Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Laurel farmers market: pies and peacock feathers

Her husband calls himself Mr. Fix-it, so she decided she would be Mrs. Bake-it. But although she loves to bake, she didn't always do it for farmers market customers.

Once during a visit, her mother-in-law said she should be baking pies to sell. "I only like to bake for family and friends," Mrs. Bake-it protested. But when she arrived home one day to find pie ingredients lined up along the counter, she decided she'd give it a try.

During her first day at the Laurel farmers market, her pies sold out. Mrs. Bake-it said, "I like it!" And when customers returned to say things like "it was the most delicious pie I've eaten," Mrs. Bake-it was hooked. She said she likes to make people happy.

Baking for the market begins at 9 pm Tuesday night, after her family is asleep. She makes pies until 3 am, sleeps until 6 am, then begins a long day that ends with the evening farmers market. "I catch up on my sleep on Thursday and Friday," she explains.

When you bite into a pie, you'll know it was made with love.

At another vendor table I found peacock feathers. A neighbor of the vendor raises peacocks "because he likes them." You just never know what you'll see at any farmers market.

Elsewhere I found the usual lovely vegetables.

And sunflower seeds as fresh as can be.

Plus an assortment of baked goods. Zucchini bread always seems abundant this time of year.

The cards of one of my favorite card makers, Tris, were on display. Tris has asperger syndrome and avoids contact with the public, so her parents come to the market each week to sell her cards. Tris has a great deal of talent, and I hope you will check out the cards next time you are at the market. They are also sold at the Columbus farmers market and at various craft shows around Laurel and Billings throughout the fall.

Laurel Farmers Market
Town Square, on First Ave.
Wednesday, 4 pm - 6 pm
July 16 - September 24

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