Thursday, September 4, 2014

Columbus farmers market: aiming for Spain

The Park City Spanish Club is raising money to send its 9 members to Spain next year. This will be their first high school trip overseas, and they are working hard to make it happen.

For the past couple of weeks they've successfully been selling corn at the Columbus farmers market, thanks to a farmer near Park City who donated part of his crop to their fund-raising effort. The farmer, who is also a member of the school board, cultivates the corn, and the students pick it and sell it.

If you'd like to make a donation to help these industrious students, contact the Park City High School.

The Columbus farmers market runs along the railroad line on the main street of town. Sometimes a passing train makes a conversation challenging, but it is a charming park area nonetheless.

Crafts are kept to a minimum at this market, but you can still find a variety of pottery and handcrafted items, including cards made by Tris, which I mentioned in my review of the Laurel farmers market yesterday.

Some cookies caught my attention. Any baked good with "monster" in the name just begs to be tasted!

I also enjoyed chatting with the nut lady. She doesn't mind being called this since she is also a professional comedian. By the time I left her table, I was engulfed in an aromatic perfume of cinnamon sugar that lingered all the way home. She makes her candy-coated almonds on the spot, and I'm guessing that alone draws in a lot of passing customers.

Music livens up any event. This guitarist was happy to be at the market today on this warm, almost autumn afternoon.

Next week is the market's last day of the season -- don't miss it!

Columbus Farmers Market
Railroad Park, on Pike Ave.
Thursday, 4 pm - 6 pm
July 24 - September 11

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