Friday, October 25, 2013

A little dippity do in Bozeman

I've written about Mari's Black Bean Salsa Dip before.

But you know, you really can't get enough of that "dippity do," as she calls it, so here is another quick review.

Before I left for a trip to Bozeman today, I noticed on Mari's Montana Kitchen Facebook page that she was going to be giving out samples at Heeb's in the afternoon. Oh, boy!

I arrived to find Mari smiling (as usual) and graciously supplying passing store customers with a warm cup of her black bean dip.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the dip is incredibly versatile. Mari explained today that you can warm it up and top with grated cheese; add meat to it and spread on tortillas; or eat it as is.

"My friend tells me she takes it out to the parking lot here and eats it before she leaves," Mari told me as I dipped a corn chip into my own sample. (Yum!) "I hope that isn't illegal," she added, concerned about the welfare of her customers.

I didn't think it was. But there could be trouble if everyone bought a tub of dip and took it outside to eat. The police might want to, er, confiscate the evidence and make sure it is as delicious as everyone says.

I suggest buying some and finding out how -- and where -- you like to eat it.

You can find Mari's Black Bean Salsa Dip at Heeb's and the Bozeman Co-op.

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