Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mari's delish dip

The versatile Black Bean Salsa Dip made by Mari's Montana Kitchen is a tasty newcomer to the deli case at Heeb's at 544 East Main Street and at the Bozeman Co-op at 908 West Main Street, both in Bozeman.

The dip is chunky with beans and tomatoes and onions and green chile peppers, with just the right amount of hot spiciness to make it interesting. After tasting it, I can honestly say there is only one bad thing about it: you do have to pick it up in Bozeman.

I tried it with crackers: yum!

I then got ambitious and made a quick-fix chili with it. This is highly recommended if you want a fast meal.

I could have just put the contents of the 16-ounce container (about 1 1/2 cups) into a pan and heated it. That would have been lovely indeed.

But I added some chicken and then topped the warm chili with cheese, bits of green onion, and a big dab of sour cream. Super lovely!

Mari's website will give you more ideas.

Mari says the carton's "enjoy by" date is 13 days from the day she made it -- she is a stickler for freshness -- but from my own experience, I'd say you won't have to worry any about it going bad. It'll be gone long before that.

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