Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is it coffee?

Look around and you'll see many non-edible items that are tempting to eat. This candle by Shannie looks and smells like the real thing, a glass mug brimming with the finest of coffee beverages.

And it's made from soy rather than petroleum products. Although soy is healthy, Shannie warns that the candle is not edible because of scents and other additives.

You can't eat any of her other soy-based products either, but I'd recommend you try them as cosmetics, especially if you are sensitive or allergic to commercial lotions and lip glosses. Shannie found herself in that position and carefully created products that she could use on her own skin.

The scent-free lotion absorbs easily into my skin, and the lip gloss is smooth and soft. I find it difficult to get used to a lip gloss with no taste because I enjoy trying ones made for kiddies and that smell like grape juice and bubble gum. But if you're all grown-up, you'll like Shannie's version.

I haven't tried the soap yet, but the Pink Rose Petal bar I bought is calling to me from the bathroom shelf where it is stored.

I sampled Shannie's products at the Spring Fling in Big Timber, a first-time event that promoters hope will become annual. Similar to the popular November Big Timber Women's Bazaar, vendors were selling a variety of handmade jewelry, felted items, handcrafted furniture, and -- of course! -- baked goods and other edibles.

To order any of Shannie's products, contact her at:

Country Bumpkins Candles
P.O. Box 603
Bridger, Mont. 59014

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