Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cookie season begins

After the candy craze of Halloween, the more genteel cookie season takes off.

Today was the Big Timber Women's Bazaar, an annual event that draws crowds of vendors and customers from all over south central Montana . . . and where you can find plenty of cookies.

This bazaar is sponsored by and raises money for the Big Timber Woman's Club, a group of energetic women who support the community in many practical ways, such as awarding scholarships, building (with their own hands) a playground, and helping beautify the town.

Other organizations take advantage of the crowds and use it as their own fundraiser. St. Joseph's Catholic church, for example, makes a popular lunch, offering homemade soup and rolls and croissant sandwiches. There's also pie!

Throughout the bazaar, which fills two buildings, you'll see dozens of cookies: Norwegian, Russian tea cakes, ready for the freezer, made by kids, whimsical. I thought the most beautiful were a trayful that were available on the silent auction table. A local kindergarten teacher donated 12 dozen, to be made and delivered throughout the year. When I was there, the highest bid was $55. I'm sure the final bid will be much higher.

Of course there were many other food items.

Tumbleweed Teas

Jolie's Lollies

Windy Wheat Bakery

This being Montana, you could also find unique gifts such as painted shovels and Christmas trees formed out of barbed wire. And of
course . . . toys!

No doubt Santa found this bazaar a very useful place to shop today.


  1. I'm glad the annual tradition of cookie season continues in Big Timber. I loved reading of all the cookie fests in your first year blog.

    The Big Timber folks really know how to enjoy their cookies. The pumpkin cookies look especially yummy. Oh happy, happy reading.

  2. Imagine being able to meet local business entrepreneurs and shop with no crowds. How great is that?

  3. sophies_a_rock_starDecember 10, 2009 at 8:11 AM

    Riza from Tumblewood Teas sent me your blog, and I'm sure glad she did. Everything looks so yummy, and I envy your travels around our beautiful state. I read the statement on your About Me page that it "took a lifetime" for you to get to Montana, but you're glad you did... I got a little chuckle, because I feel the same way. I had a sign made for my house that says, "I wasn't born in Big Timber, but I got here as fast as I could."

  4. Love your house sign! There is certainly something about living in Montana that makes you feel right at home.