Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cozy in the snow

Today it's snowing -- looks like 6 inches out there and still falling in great puffy flakes. The temperature will dip later tonight although probably not much below 15 degrees F. (Believe me, that's warm compared to what we can get here -- our low last winter was 10 below zero.)

We had a spell of cold weather in mid-October that brought snow and freezing temperatures, but since then it's been mild and even warm during the day.

I had plenty of time to plant garlic and get it mulched with leaves and straw for its winter hibernation.

The cows, carrying calves that will arrive in February, are enjoying leisurely grazing despite the difficulty of finding anything without a topping of snow.

Cold weather does not seem to bother the little creature that has made a nest on my car battery, because it has already laid in a supply of tasty seeds. Although what it does when I zoom off to town, I'm not sure. My neighbor checked the wires and said none has been chewed, but he recommended I place moth balls or sprinkle bleach on the area so the little mite doesn't settle in permanently. I hate to disturb it today, so I'll wait for better weather, perhaps tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful snowy pregnant cow picture--one for the baby calf book. :-)

  2. Hi Mari,

    Nice blog you have here!! I live in Idaho, so I'm a neighbor sort of.


  3. Laura, I'm happy to have you enjoying my blog. I sure do love yours. When I blogged about your purple pizza, it was a big hit with readers in town here. Don't ever think people living in Montana aren't willing to try something different!

  4. What ever happened with the creature nesting on your battery?

  5. I still don't know what little creature is enjoying the battery nest, but now there is a tiny pile of soft empty seed pods that evidently make an insulated quilt. I suppose I should do something to stop this, but something is going to a great deal of trouble to make a home for itself there, and I hate for anything to be homeless in winter here in Montana!