Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween parade

The coming two months of holiday gluttony began today with what is known as the Halloween Parade, a march around Big Timber to collect candy from business owners. This annual extravaganza for children up to 8 years old is worth a drive to Big Timber to see. 

Although there will be plenty of homemade treats handed out during the coming weeks of holiday festivities, this event features store-bought candy only. And lots of it. One shopkeeper said she purchased $80 worth of miniature candy bars to give away this year.

Employees at the IGA, the first stop on the parade route, hand out free large-size candy bars and small toys. For over an hour, as many as 400 children line up to receive the goodies.

Then they walk through town, where the main street is blocked off by the sheriff's department. Everyone takes this very seriously. As well they should. You could get into big trouble if you don't hand over a candy bar upon request.

But mostly the kids are well behaved and cute as can be. 

Some are pretty as a picture.

Sometimes the whole family joins in the fun.

Occasionally there is an interloper, but no one complains -- especially when they are as cute as this little fellow.

A good time is had by all.

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  1. Love it! Nothing brings families together like the holidays. Halloween kicks all things good off.