Saturday, June 13, 2015

Whitehall farmers market

June farmers markets often include a handy selection of plants to add to your garden. These are generally lush and well adapted to the local environment. Anyone who gardens in Montana knows that is a big plus. Not every plant a gardener longs to grow here will survive -- or come to full flower -- in the short hot summer.

As I keep pointing out, the grower is right there at the farmers market, so be sure to ask questions.

Backyard Artistic Impressions had a lovely booth. Take your pick: seeds, flowers, or art for the garden.

At any market, you can also find a lot of baked goods right from the start of the season. Whitehall had plenty today, and the bakers plan to be around until October.

Here's Sonja happily waiting for a customer to make up her mind. Mini angel food cake? Apple turnovers? Carrot cake?

I spent some time chatting with young entrepreneur Rebecca, who has been at the market for 6 years. Currently she is selling products she makes and uses herself: lip balm, lotions, and mixed essential oils that soothe or invigorate.

Whitehall is a small market but with a good selection of food items and crafts. Produce will appear soon.

Whitehall Farmers and Crafter Market
Legion St. Park
June 6 - October 3
Saturday, 9 am - 1 pm

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