Thursday, August 28, 2014

Three Forks farmers market

There was a truckload of corn along with a whole lot of other good stuff at the Three Forks farmers market, now in its second year.

In case you're wondering, Three Forks does not refer to food but was named for the three forks of the Missouri River that take off from here to follow their own paths. The Lewis and Clark expedition lingered in 1805 while they calculated which was the best way to go and while they were at it named the two extra rivers the Madison and the Gallatin.

If you want to spend some time here, right across the street from the farmers market is the famed Sacajawea Hotel, where a weary modern traveler can rock on the porch and enjoy a glass of spa water (icy water infused with lemon) on the house.

Across another street within sight of the market is the visitors center, located in a brightly colored caboose, where you can learn more about the Lewis and Clark expedition and the area in general, as well as rest your feet inside while listening to stories of the town told by the friendly volunteer staff and perhaps a visiting resident. There's nothing like freshly spun gossip to make you feel like you've really gotten to know the town.

Meanwhile, back at the market, a wide selection of goods are sold by the 15 or so vendors who come each week.

There are tasty baked goods.

And lots of wonderful produce.

And other fun things.

As I was leaving, a fiddler showed up and the toe-tapping melodies seemed to be just what was needed to round out the festivities.

Three Forks Farmers Market
Veterans Park, corner of E. Neal St. and N. Main St.
July 10 - October 2
Thursday, 4 pm to 7 pm

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