Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jackson WY farmers market

My first visit to a Wyoming farmers market was exciting. Well, you know me, I get excited about any farmers market! But it was great to be in Wyoming at last!

Located at the foot of Snow King Mountain, the Jackson Hole People's Market was already overflowing with good, fresh produce on its first day of the season.

I mean, look at these greenhouse tomatoes! It's hard to see, but those each weigh 1 1/2 pounds. And they are flavorful!

Like Montana markets, there were a lot of good greens available this early in the season.

The bacon-and-date hummus was nice. Who knew?

 I also learned there is such a thing as watermelon jelly. It tastes like really sweet watermelon.

Oh yes, and there were a few cute goats, too, who got lots of cuddling.

The artisan cheese was tasty, but I have to say the vendors selling it will have to work on their market personalities. I rarely meet anyone at a farmers market who is not thoroughly enjoying himself or herself. These two were the rare exception. Still, they have a great product so I wish them well.

There were some crafts, but I was so happy to see all the food. Fresh flowers came in nonedible but beauteous form . . .

. . . and, for the surprise of the day, edible form, too, as in iced "flower water" in the jug on the right.

The Dragon Lady Tea lady (sorry, I was so overwhelmed by the tea that I forgot to get her name!) had an amazing beverage to offer. She told me she merely steeped a handful of herb flowers in water. It's impossible to tell you how good it tasted. I detected whispers of mint, sage, chamomile . . . oh, do go to Jackson and try it for yourself. I understand she has a tea room in town, and I want to return when it is open.

She was also trying salads for the first time at the market. I have to say they were a big hit, too.

So those are a few highlights of the Jackson Hole People's Market. The market does a good job of reflecting the general personality of the town of Jackson, which, although strongly dependent on tourism, is down-to-earth, caring about its place in the environment, and generally a nice place to visit . . . and eat.

Base of Snow King Mountain,
at East Snow King Ave and S King St
June 19 - September 11
Wednesday, 4 pm - 7 pm

There's another Jackson farmers market in the Town Square on Saturday. To get information on all Wyoming farmers markets, visit Wyoming Farmers Marketing Association.

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  1. Wish I could have been there. Sounds like great fun. Particularly interesting is the flower tea.