Saturday, March 5, 2011

Best snack: hummus and bread

Although it hasn't seemed like it at times, the winter is speeding by and spring is about to, well, spring forth. This morning I heard the first sound of a woodpecker in the woods behind my cabin, and all day I have listened to the happy chirping of sparrows as they sit in the sun. They spent the winter with me here and are no doubt looking forward to something to eat other than bird seed from the grocery store.

So I have neglected this blog because of many winter things to do, such as keeping warm (tote them logs, build that fire).

But at last I aim to maintain this blog with at least weekly updates, hopefully more.

I begin my belated new year's resolution by presenting what I consider one of the finest snacks on earth: creamy hummus spread thickly on crusty pain au levain bread.

In this case, I recommend two Montana products, both made in Bozeman: Z's Hummus and On the Rise artisan bread.

Today I had a loaf of garlic pain au levain, with big chunks of roasted garlic, which was a perfect complement to the Roasted Red Pepper variety of hummus I had bought at the Livingston Town and Country Foods.

I love Z's Hummus because it is fluffy. I don't know how else to describe it. Most store-bought hummus is compacted into containers like paste. I won't say they don't taste nice, but it was a pleasant surprise to find Z's looking somewhat like -- dare I say it --- whipped cream. It spreads nicely and is so light. I'm trying to figure why I detect a bit of sharp tang with the first bite, something not expected, by me at least. Lemon juice? Citric acid? But oh, after that first tangy bite, it's heavenly.

When you're in Bozeman, be sure to visit the On the Rise bakery. You can buy their artisan bread in stores in and around Bozeman, but at the bakery itself you get a wider variety of baked goods, like cookies and brownies, and can enjoy a slice of pizza right out of the oven. I was told the brick oven is not only unique but was built especially for the store. They don't plan to move to a new location any time soon!

On the Rise Bakery
1007 West Main
Bozeman, MT 59715

Z's Hummus
available at many local shops
order information: 406-570-1361


  1. Yummmm... bread is such a wonderful "comfort food". Imagine snow coming down, tea pot on and a slice of warm bread loaded with butter. Can life get better?

  2. I see I need to do a post about made-in-Montana butter!